About the Emi-Neve

May we present to you the 1975 EMI Neve A3268, one of only eight consoles built to this specification and this example as just been fully restored with the help of the Neve Guru Mr Blake Devitt.

Similar to Paul Epworth’s monster of an EMI Neve at The Church Studio 1, this particular EMI Neve from 1975 is fitted with 24x Neve 1093 modules (4 band EQ + Filters) in original condition and 16x returns plus 8x groups. In addition to two original EMI TG12345 compressor/limiters overhang the console.

The EMI Neve series of audio consoles were designed and produced by Neve in the early 70’s to the exacting standards of EMI’s engineers, to be utilized worldwide in EMI studios.

They are considered by many, including then Head of the Electrical Design Drawing Office at Neve, Geoff Tanner [Aurora Audio] to represent the all-time pinnacle of audio console design, and have been described as an 8078 on steroids, amongst many other superlatives.

In addition to myriad additional sophisticated monitoring options, there were various other specifications by EMI engineers that increased the utility, reliability and sonic impact of these consoles over ‘standard’ Neve consoles. Each input transformer, for example, was specified to have ultra-low THD which was measured and noted on a small white sticker attached to each transformer.

In early 2015, a series of lucky and serendipitous events led us to find this spectacular console in Monterrey (Mexico). Passion, if not slightly crazy, push us to restore the console from the smallest screws to final monitoring path.